Adult going over letters with child

Reading Specialist

If you like working directly with kids to open their world to the benefits of reading, this might be for you! Reading Specialists are trained specifically to support the development of reading and writing in K-12 learners. They work using the science of brain-based strategies to improve literacy skills. 

Student in the library looking at books with the librarian

Library Media Specialist

If you like to provide positive leadership and advocate for students, this might be the role for you. School Counselors collaborate holistically with teachers, administrators, district staff, students, and students’ families to help meet all students’ needs. From crisis intervention to community outreach, individual and group counseling to planning for post secondary education, counselors play a pivotal role in promoting systemic change.

School counselor while holding a pen.

School Counselor

If trips to the library are some of your fondest school memories, you can encourage that same excitement for the next generation. A Library Media Specialist:

  • Work collaboratively with school administrators and teachers to develop a library program that supports classroom curriculum
  • Select, maintain, and organize media materials
  • Provide assistance to students and staff in locating and using library materials and technology 
School Psychologist with student

School Psychologist

If you want to help all children get the proper support they need in school, this specialty allows you to have a significant impact. School Psychologists help students succeed emotionally, socially, behaviorally, and academically. They screen students for disabilities, offer counseling, and work with teachers and families to create individualized plans to help each student reach their full potential.

Students learning new languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)

If you enjoy helping those students whose first language is not English, this job allows you to play a vital role every day. As an ESL specialist, you’ll work with teachers to prepare course materials and design lessons that will help students read, speak, listen, and write in English. Plus, you’ll help create a positive class environment and encourage students to achieve their learning goals. 

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