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Teaching is a profession that demands continual learning. The ability to identify and address students’ individual needs is a skill that must be learned over time with practice and professional learning. 

Kansas teachers can create personal learning plans based on their individual needs. These plans guide educators to learning that is relevant to them and can be directly incorporated into their teaching practice. Not only does this training benefit students, it can also be used to fulfill the requirements for licensure renewal.

Teacher helping student

Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol (KEEP)

Just as teachers invest in their students’ learning and growth, administrators invest in the growth of educators. Through KEEP, Kansas educators receive formative feedback through an evaluation process designed to strengthen instructional practices over time and contribute to student achievement. 

The Kansas educator evaluation model is based on a collaborative approach. Teachers and building administrators work together to identify specific growth areas and create an individual program that supports the educator’s development in those focused areas.

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